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Singh VS Kaur (2013) movie download in DVDRip Quality

About Singh VS Kaur (2013) movie info

About Singh VS Kaur (2013) movie info

MOVIE - Singh VS Kaur (2013)
DIRECTOR - Navanait Singh
STAR CAST - Surveen Chawla, Gippy Grewal, Japji Khaira.
GENRE -  Comedy | Action | Romance
RELEASE DATE -  15 February 2013

LANGUAGE - Panjabi
SIZE -500 MB

info : Nihal Singh is a young man from a village in Nabha, who in an attempt to get rid of an unwanted marriage proposal, ends up lying to his entire village that he loves somebody named 'Jasneet ... (IMDb)

Story : Nihal Singh is a young man from a village in Nabha, who in an attempt to get rid of an unwanted marriage proposal, ends up lying to his entire village that he loves somebody named 'Jasneet Kaur' (Surveen Chawla) from Vancouver. In reality, Jasneet is a girl, who Nihal and his friend and partner in crime, Taari (Binnu Dhillon) find on the web and keep a picture of her to show as proof to the village. Coaxed by his mother and a nagging village 'Taayi', Nihal Singh sets out for Canada to stay with Taari's Chacha (B.N. Sharma) and get his help in finding the whereabouts of Jasneet. There he also meets a girl named, Simrat (Japji Khaira) who informs him that Jasneet belongs to one of the wealthiest family in Vancouver and that it would be very difficult for him to reach her. However, the luck favors our brave 'Singh' who ends up becoming the body guard of Jasneet after saving her life twice from the goons who want to kill her. Once again pressed by his mother and Taayi, Nihaal Singh has to.Nihal Singh (Gippy Grewal), living in the village of Nalun tattebha is considered a burden on the head of villagers and they all decide to throw him out of the village on the advice of Sarpanch (Avtar Gill). Nihal's mother is a widow who lost her husband when Nihal was only a few years old. Meanwhile, Nihal's best friend Taari (Binnu Dhillon), who is addicted to watching girls with his associates on the Internet and print their photos out, plans an idea to clear up the whole situation. Taari says that to solve the situation he should marry Sarpanch's niece Sapna, an overweight girl like Yokozuna, which he initially goes through with before regretting his actions. A comic situation arises when Sapna tells her Uncle (Sarpanch) that she loves Nihal and will die if she doesn't marry him. Sarpanch, with his niece, presents the proposal to his mother. Meanwhile, Nihal says that he doesn't love her and was just joking. Taari again uses his head and prints out the photo of a girl named Jasneet (Surveen Chawla), but Nihal doesn't understand what to do to cancel the marriage proposal. He eventually decides to present a photo of Jasneet, unknown to him at first sight, saying that he loves her. The villagers are unaware of the situation; Nihal's Chachi, who is very jealous of him, asks Nihal if he is actually in love, then asks where she lives. Nihal says that she lives in Canada. Sarpanch tells Nihal to bring the girl in one month to prove his declaration true otherwise he will have no option to marry him to his overweight niece. Nihal feels helpless, but with Taari's help he travels to Canada to find the girl. Taari and Geeta arranges with his uncle's house Chacha Dhind (B N Sharma) and his son (Sean Bindra). Finally, he finds Jasneet, who it is revealed has been attacked several times. Jasneet tells Nihal to become her bodyguard. Nihal can't think of a reason to refuse and so accepts. He defends her from attempts on her life, fighting with her rivals. Eventually, he and Jasneet become close friends, but Nihal reveals that she is engaged to her boyfriend (Rohit Khurana) who lives in America. Nihal feels sad after hearing this but soon thinks of an idea: he asks Jasneet to stay with him in Punjab. It is known that the attacks will continue until she turns 21 years old, so Jasneet, having no idea how to prevent the attacks, goes with Nihal to Punjab to prevent any further incidents. Taari and geeta kept on showing the photos to the whole village. Jasneet is unaware that she has been lied to by Nihal, but Nihal's mother feels proud after hearing that her son is married. Jasneet soon learns and leaves out of hurt, but then thinks of Nihal's mother and doesn't want to break her heart, so she returns. Upon her return, she and Nihal begin to fall in love with each other. Another comic situation arises when Nihal takes Jasneet home to Nabha and unintentionally calls his brother a Saala (brother-in-law) out of frustration. His girlfriend's brother, mischievous in nature, tells the whole family that his sister is married although the other villagers are unaware of this ever happening. Nihal curses himself for using the word again in his life to someone. Meantime, Jasneet's NRI (non-resident Indian) boyfriend comes to take her away, but Jasneet tells him that she now loves Nihal, shocking him. In the meantime, Nihal learns that Jasneet's NRI boyfriend had a previous relationship with Nihal's friend before breaking up with her. Nihal calls Jasneet to tell her that her NRI friend (Rohit Khurana) is surely a fraud and blackmailer, warning her that he is responsible for all the previous attacks on her after gaining access to her property. Jasneet is shocked and stops the car while travelling with her boyfriend. He then shows his true colors, following her with his men and confessing that he wanted her to stay alive and did not want to kill her; his intention was for Jasneet to turn 21 so that he could marry her and blame her uncle. Nihal soon arrives to save Jasneet, getting rid of her boyfriend and his associates. Jasneet and Nihal then live happily after all the difficulties.

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