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The Hangover 3 Download movie download in DVDRip Quality

About The Hangover 3 movie info

About The Hangover 3 movie info

MOVIE - The Hangover 3
DIRECTOR - Todd Phillips
STAR CAST -  Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis
LENGTH - 100 min
GENRE - Comedy, Drama
RELEASE DATE - 20 may 2013

LANGUAGE - English
SIZE - 400 mb
LENGTH - 100 min
IMDB RATING - 6.3/10

info : When one of their own is kidnapped by an angry gangster, the Wolf Pack must track down Mr. Chow, who has escaped from prison and is on the lam.

Story : In the aftermath of the death of Alan's father, the wolfpack decide to take Alan to get treated for his mental issues. But things start to go wrong on the way to the hospital as the wolfpack is assaulted and Doug is kidnapped. Now they must find Mr. Chow again in order to surrender him to the gangster who kidnapped Doug in order to save him.Two years after Bangkok, Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong) escapes from a maximum security prison, using a riot as cover. Meanwhile in America, Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis) causes a 20-car freeway pileup after he purchases a giraffe and accidentally decapitates it on a low bridge. Alan's father (Jeffrey Tambor), furious with Alan for never owning up to his mistakes, dies of a heart attack. After the funeral, Alan's brother-in-law Doug Billings . 


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